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Faucet Guide 101

So, your looking for a new faucet and don't know where to start...

This post is all about the what, when, where, why, and how's of finding the perfect faucet. We have extensive experience in brand product lines and collections, level of quality vs. price, finishes, and more! Keep reading to help with the decision making. . . . . .


Check out this link to see an extensive list of reputable brands:

The major immediate difference between brands is the styles and looks they offer - along with the quality and price point of the products. Some brands are more expensive than others. That could be for a number of reasons. For example, the pricier brands could be using higher quality parts and cartridges. A faucet that is 100% made in China is going to fall under the more affordable price range; however, you'll notice after a year or two that you might have issues with the cartridges, finishes, and possibly more. For brands that only source partial components from China, it does not make their offering a low-end line. Still for a decent product, the pricing becomes a little more bearable to splurge on while still feeling confident in the purchase. Here is a starter kit list of 'better than average box store' brand names to browse in store and online:

  • Riobel

  • AquaBrass

  • Rubinet

  • Grohe

  • Kohler (High-end)

  • Aqua Design

Some brands that you will find all across the box stores like the Home Depot's and Lowes of the world will carry brands such as:

  • Moen

  • Delta

  • PFister

  • Kohler (Low-end)

  • Other "no-name" brands


If you think your going to go to the box store and get a decent name faucet on a really good "deal" - that thought is probably too good to be true! Think again! Here are some quick price related tips to look out for when your looking for a "deal":

  • If a bathroom faucet is on sale for under $100 (CAD), it is guaranteed not to be a good faucet, with low quality parts, an off or non-reputable name, or just simply not the real deal!

  • If a kitchen faucet is on sale for under $200 (CAD), try and figure out why. Will the cartridge last you 1 year, or a lifetime? Is the faucet under 5 year warranty or lifetime? Unless it is a showroom model clearance item, make sure to go over all the variables. Good brands names will ALWAYS offer lifetime warranty on their cartridges! This is key!

  • Good-quality and decent bathroom faucets will typically run about $150 - $1000 and possibly more depending on your taste and budget!

  • Good-quality and decent kitchen faucets will typically run about $250 - $1000 and possibly more depending on your taste and budget!


Depending on the faucet finish you are looking for, your choice will dictate the price! Here is a guide to pricing in relation to finishes:

  • Chrome: The most price-savvy inexpensive finish you could pick! It is EXTREMELY popular, modern, sleek, and is literally readily available with almost every brand

  • Brushed Nickel: A price category above chrome, so you'll have to pay a little more to get this finish. This is still a standard finish so you shouldn't be waiting weeks or months for a brushed nickel faucet. This was the go-to popular pick around 7-10 years ago - and it is now mostly chosen for traditional style faucets.

  • Polished Nickel: Similar to brushed nickel, this finish is usually an equivalent price range. It has a very light gold under-tone with a polished finish. This finish suggests a look of luxury and detail to a kitchen or bathroom.

  • Matte Black: This finish is sometimes the same pricing as the brushed and polished nickel, however in some cases it is a price category higher. More commonly now, brands are stocking matte black because it is a hot seller! The industry is pretty confident that this is no longer a trend, but it is now a staple in the finish family.

  • Brushed Gold: This finish is all the rage right now! We'd still look at this finish as a trend, however it is definitely a show-stopper when used in a complimenting space. It is a bright finish that is meant to stand out - usually you'll want to pick cabinet hardware to match your faucet to tie it all together. Be careful on which gold you choose - there are a few different tones of brushed gold that is differentiated by brand. You'll find a warm champagne gold, a brassy gold, and a yellow gold. Pick the one you love!

  • Custom Finishes: Polished Gold, Antique Brass, White, Red, Purple, Turquoise, Tuscan Bronze, Brushed Chrome, are just to name a few of the custom finishes you can get if you are willing to wait 4, 5, 6, up to 10 weeks! This is usually priced the highest out of all finishes.


There are a few faucet types you should consider when looking to find something functionally suited for you! Let's go through the list:


  • Single Hole Faucets: Currently, this is probably the most popular type of faucet to purchase. These faucets are meant to be universally functional since it only requires 1 hand to navigate from hot to cold all through the same single handle. Its a clean and sleek look and does very well in a powder room or on a small vanity. This type of faucet is also very price effective, so if you are also sticking to a budget, a single hole faucet is for you!

  • 4" Faucets: These faucets are commonly identified through their thick deck build up and crowded design. This faucet functions based on 2 handles; hot and cold. The holes in your counter top need to be drilled closer together - actually a 4" overall distance to accommodate this type of faucet. Usually, you will find this faucet in the box stores and is usually a little cheaper. You will not find many of these faucets with the better name faucets as previously listed above.

  • 8" Widespread Faucets: This type of faucet is usually the other go-to aside from the single hole faucet. When choosing this configuration, you get more play with the style. You can achieve a very antique/farmhouse look, or an ultra-modern low profile style all through the decoration and detail on the hot and cold handles. A faucet of this type is usually a little more expensive due to more hardware. These fit larger scale vanities very well - sometimes single hole faucets on a huge cabinet can look lost or too small to fit the space. The holes for your counter top will need to be drilled with an 8" overall spread to accommodate this type of faucet.

  • Wall-Mount Faucets: This faucet is a.m.a.z.i.n.g when achieving a custom look. Yes, to install this faucet, you have to be dealing with a full renovation where you will have access inside your walls to install the rough-in. This is a less common option for clients because a lot of people don't think of it at the start of the renovation, or they just simply don't want to touch their walls. Besides all of that, it is a beautiful option that suggests a custom look to your home.


  • Single Pull-Down Faucet: The most common, best-selling type of faucet on the far!! It's essentially an 'all-in-one' faucet that literally does it all! To start, its a single hole faucet so you don't have to drill extra holes in your sparkly new counter top or even in your existing setting. You have the pull-down feature that allows you to have a lengthy reach across your sink, along with a dual spray function. Every brand makes this type of faucet.

  • Single Faucet with Side Spray: For the more traditional farm house styles - the design of a decorative faucet spout doesn't allow for a pull out spray. In cases like this, there is a separate side spray that you will need to drill a secondary hole for. This is popular for someone who is looking for a more particular look.

  • Bridge Faucet with Side Spray: Bridge faucets are all look - with no change to the function. A bridge faucet essentially has a hot and cold handle on either side of the spout, as well as a side spray. Truthfully, this is only good for looks. It is decorative, specific in style, and a little pricier that suggests a more unique feel.

I hope this helps even a little bit! There is a lot to know about faucets and what better way to learn than from your kitchen and bathroom specialists here at PLATINUM Kitchens Baths & Beyond!

Happy Shopping! :)

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