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Finding Inspiration

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Are you confused and don't even know where to start? Are there way too many brands, products, finishes, features, upgrades, and colours to pick from? Here are some helpful tools to help organize and establish your ideas for a successful kitchen and bathroom design!

Where to start?

Find your source of inspiration! Look at photos, and figure out what you like and don't like. Establishing what you don't like can sometimes be challenging; but start with one thing at a time (faucet style, cabinets, colour, layout, etc.). Here are some sites to check out:

Put your idea's together; Make sure they work!

Now that you've established a common ground with your likes and dislikes, put your favourites together! Create an idea book or inspiration board and make sure that all of your idea's make sense. If you really like square shaped faucets, but are pairing it with a traditional antique style vanity, usually those two very different styles will clash. Square is known to fall into the modern category (most of the time) and round is typically known as transitional (works in modern and traditional settings). This is the time to work out the bumps in the road and make everything cohesive. 

Source the Product!

One large mistake people make is sourcing your kitchen and bathroom products online from a no-name brand. This industry is brand driven! Make sure to do your research. Go visit a kitchen and bathroom boutique (like us: Platinum Kitchens Baths & Beyond Inc.) and that way you know that what you are looking at is real, high-quality, and trustworthy. These well-known brand names will always back up their products if you ever have any issues. Remember: every brand name should have a decent warranty system in place. If it doesn't, question the product! The kitchen and bathroom experts will make sure that everything you are getting is to your standards and matches the styles you were looking at originally. 


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