About Us

Established in 1998, Platinum Kitchens, Baths & Beyond is a family owned & operated company that offers general contracting services, specializing in the design and construction of kitchens & bathrooms. We are a full service renovation company with a showroom located in Milton, Ontario. We have been renovating homes and businesses in the Halton area for over 20 years. Come visit our showroom or browse our on-line selection of products - buy your materials and install yourself or have us come out and do it for you. Our showroom has a complete parts department that caters to both retail clientele as well as trades.  We are known for our top quality workmanship, attention to detail & commitment to customer satisfaction.


Hector DesRoches

Hector has been involved in the renovation industry for 30+ years, making him a very knowledgable and proud owner of Platinum Kitchens Baths & Beyond Inc. since 1998. Hector began his renovation journey at a young age and worked his way up to become an experienced and well-known contractor in the Halton region. He is extremely experienced in all categories classified under the "renovation" term, however he specializes in the most important spaces consistent to a home environment:  kitchens and bathrooms. Customers and contractors reach out from all across ontario for advice on installation, products, and parts. Hector overlooks all ongoing jobs and always maintains the highest quality of workmanship. He always provides the best service as possible, and always takes care of Platinum's clients. You will see Hector always on his feet; whether thats on the showroom floor talking future renovations, running out to Toronto for his weekly product pick up's, or taking the time to visit all current job's making sure the renovation is on schedule and maintaining quality control.

Chanel DesRoches

Bachelor of Arts, Honours

Sales Manager & Designer

Chanel completed her Bachelors degree at the University of Guelph majoring in Fine Arts. Being classically trained in studio art, Chanel has an eye for colour and design and can help clients through the entire designing process with ease. While she has her hand in both kitchen and bathroom designs, Chanel mainly specializes in bathrooms and can answer any questions you may have in regards to the products, quality, service, layouts, and more. You can find Chanel around the showroom working on quotes, processing orders, helping with service, and helping with kitchen and bathroom designs with our wide variety of showroom samples. Fun Fact: Chanel also works as an artist working in painting, drawing, and printmaking. You will find some her past and new work displayed in the showroom and on her website. 


Cheryl Ranalli

Cheryl takes great care of Platinum's accounting, computer systems, and quoting. With Cheryl's  knowledgeable background in computer science, she is our IT expert who is always maintaining and updating our computer systems. You will also find Cheryl working on kitchen quotes and creating designs for clients as well as keeping all of our behind-the-scenes accounts in order. You will Cheryl around the showroom doing almost anything; working with clients, processing sales, invoicing, receiving, designing, and more! 

Showroom Sales Associate

Shelby has always been an amazing helping hand around the showroom since she was a young teen. Her love for helping with the family business has always made the Platinum atmosphere personal and fun! You will find Shelby up and around the showroom making sure our displays and pricing are always up-to-date, helping customers with walk-in inquiries, and helping out with day-to-day office tasks. Although Shelby's main profession is focused in the fitness and dance industry, she is always committed to the Platinum family. 

Shelby DesRoches